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FrameIt Pro for Blender

A Blender addon that creates frames with mullions and panels with 1 click!!

And if not enough it also add Cycles / Evee materials to it.

It can be applied to every polygon object and it works on all polygons inside it.

It’s possible also to apply it only to selected polygons in Edit Mode.

Demo Video


Vers. 1.0.0

  • Choose Size, Depth and Offset of elements.
  • Options to exclude frame, mullions or panels from creation.
  • Apply Bevel to all elements at once, or on them singularly.
  • Apply materials and option to do not it.
  • Option to reuse previously applied materials or if you prefer to create new materials every time.
  • Option to preserve original geometry.
  • All features are parametric, so you can change them later in modifier properties.
  • You can work as in Object than in Edit mode.


Simple frame

Non planar geometry

complex meshes

Example steps in Edit mode

other applications

Brick Wall Example

Installation and Help

You'll find all informations about this project here.

Usage Example Videos

Brick Wall Example

Shelf Example

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FrameIt Pro for Blender

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